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A lot of people call our valley “the Maldive of Bergamo”. Clear water, waterfalls and transparent pools make the environment a real natural beauty reserve. Paths dedicated to the needs of each person, a rich wildlife and the opportunity to have a moment away from chaos and stress make Valle Vertova the ideal escape for a day of well-being, immersed in an environment with a unique character.
Yes, Valle Vertova and all its paths can be visited 365 days a year. From 1 June to 15 September, from 08:00am to 05:00pm, and in order to ensure the safety of tourists and preserve the natural environment, assess is restricted to 1400 people and the purchase of the ticket is required for visiting the valley.
From 1 June to 15 September the access is allowed to a maximum of 1400 people. During that period is required to buy the ticket and book you own pedestrian access specifying the date of the visit. During this period you can monitor the availability of access for each day by clicking here .
In the summer of 2020 there were peaks of more than 3000 accesses per day. This, in addition to disfiguring the territory of the Valley, posed risks to the safety and security of visitors. The tour of Valle Vertova extends on a mountain path and includes river crossings: it is easy to see how overcrowding can be a problem.

The Valley is accessible 365 days a year and every season guarantees a totally unique visiting experience. In spring you can admire the natural awakening of the Valley, with the blossoming of the first flowers and the first colors. In summer Valle Vertova provides a cool natural refuge and you can immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters to refresh from the walk. Autumn colors the foliage of the trees with incomparable brushstrokes that create a fabulous setting.

Even the winter season offers interesting ideas to its visitors:

the route appears bare, essential that allows the visitor to enjoy the wildest character of the territory. It’s clear that, given the presence of the stream and waterfalls, the visit in winter requires more attention as it is possible that ice formation occurs on the path.


In order to preserve correctly the surrounding environment and guarantee safety for all tourists, it was decided to limit access for the summer period. From 1 June to 15 September, it is therefore necessary to purchase and book the pedestrian entrance ticket that can be purchased in the appropriate area. For the remaining periods of the year access is free. There are two access points controlled by staff appointed by the Municipality of Vertova: a. in Cinque Martiri street n.63, from Monday to Saturday b. in Cinque Martiri street n.26, On Sunday.
The tariff varies according to the type of pass selected. You can compare prices on the following page.
You can buy the entrance ticket directly on this website at this link or at the parking lot (Largo Vittorio Veneto, Vertova -BG-) where it was placed a dedicated dispenser. Be careful though, the dispenser is programmed to release a limited number of daily accesses. Once this limit is reached, it will no longer be possible to buy the ticket for access to Valle Vertova. For this reason, especially for visits on summer weekends, it is advisable to reserve your access ticket in advance via the website. You will be sure to visit Valle Vertova in total serenity.
Yes, it is possible to postpone the date of purchase until 48h before the day initially booked. The rescheduling can be done only one time and in the same season. To postpone the date of the visit simply access your reserved area of the website, entering the credentials received at the time of purchase of the ticket and choose the new date. Attention: the operation of rescheduling the visit is only allowed for those who at the time of purchase of the ticket chose to register their account. If you have chosen to purchase the ticket in guest mode you will not be able to make the date change.
Purchasing the ticket the tourist acquired the right of pedestrian access to the path of visit to the valley.
Yes, you can buy discounted tickets for children, children under 18 and adults over 70. You can view all types of passes at the following link.
The Municipality of Vertova has provided the possibility of purchasing passes for groups of at least 25 people. The purchase can be made directly from the website, indicating the date of the visit. You can make a single payment for the full amount.
Given the experience of past years and the increasing influx of tourists and mountain lovers to the Valley, the Municipality of Vertova has felt the need to limit access in order to ensure safety and preserve the environment from disfigurement. For this reason, in the period from 1 June to 15 September the number of accesses is limited to 1400 daily units. By indicating the date of the visit the tourist ensures access to the Valley, which can be postponed within 48 hours from the scheduled date.
It is also possible to purchase the access pass at the parking garage (Largo Vittorio Veneto, Vertova -BG-). In case you have problems in the purchase for a malfunction of the platform please report it to the following email address:


The tour takes about 4 hours, considering the journey from the parking lot to the entrance of the Valley and the main route, but the tourist can choose to set up his own excursion to his liking.
You can consult the complete rules for access to Valle Vertova by clicking here
The main path for visiting Valle Vertova provides about 2 hours walk between the outward and return. There are also many trails to and from Valle Vertova, you can discover them all on the dedicated page.
The path is not difficult, but it is still similar to a mountain track. Suitable footwear (trekking or gymnastics shoes) and sportswear are therefore recommended.
Yes, you can dive into its waters. It is however forbidden to dive into the pools, as it is very risky considering the conformation of the Valley.
For the protection of the environmental ecosystem that characterizes Valle Vertova, camping activities and the lighting of fires are not allowed.
Yes, you can find chemical baths at the beginning of the path and on the route that leads to the entrance of the Valley.

Yes, there are two refreshment areas at the beginning of the main route.

It is certainly allowed to have picnics and take a break during the walk, enjoying the beauty of nature that characterizes Valle Vertova. Currently there are no equipped areas, but the shape of the Valley allows you to easily identify areas where you can comfortably eat your meal and relaxing. We remind all visitors that it’s forbidden to leave waste and that it’s necessary to take them downstream. Our Valley is a beautiful view, help us to protect it with this small gesture of respect.
The paths of Valle Vertova are similar to mountain trails. It is therefore advisable to have a backpack, as the path is not suitable for strollers. We also advise against the use of trekking strollers for walking.
Absolutely. Valle Vertova is a fun route to share with your 4-legged friends. The only indication is that the dog, respecting the other visitors, is kept on a leash. It is also required by regulation to carry the muzzle if necessary.
In case it starts to rain while you are visiting Valle Vertova, we recommend returning downstream towards the beginning of the route. If there was an heavy shower with consequent rise in the water level of the stream it is advisable to avoid the crossings and wait for an improvement to re-enter.


You can only visit Valle Vertova on foot. Cars can be parked in the parking lots (click here to view the nearest car parks), except for those who own an annual pass for residents of Valle Vertova with registered plates.

Parking is free at the following addresses:

  • Stazione street, near the Infopoint (free parking)
  • Roma street, near the Town Hall (underground parking for a fee)
  • Convento street, near the former convent (free parking)
  • D.B. Ferrari street, along the former provincial road towards Fiorano al Serio (free parking)

Car parks are 45 to 60 minutes of slow walking from the beginning of the real tour of the valley. Here it is available here a map with the shortest route to reach the valley. Along these roads you can immerse yourself in the beauty of the Municipality of Vertova and discover new views.

There isn’t shuttle bus service.


Residents of the Municipality of Vertova have the right to purchase a seasonal pedestrian access ticket for €2.00/each. To purchase the pass, simply enter the reservation area, select the ticket “Citizen Resident Municipality of Vertova”, enter your personal data (including address) and proceed to payment. The pass is nominal and, once verified by the competent body, it will be delivered to you by email.

Residents in Valle Vertova are entitled to a free pass for the use of motor vehicles. This pass can be requested by filling in the appropriate form: 

– online in the section “Residents in Valle Vertova”. The practice is processed on average in 10 days. At the end of the deadline you are invited to contact the City Hall to arrange an appointment for the withdrawal of the pass; 

– in paper form at the Municipality of Vertova.

The pass must be requested by a member of the family who can add all the members of the family who wish to receive an access pass. Each family can also request 3 extra passes.

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