Known as one of the
most beautiful oases
surrounded by the
nature in Lombardy,
Valle Vertova, located on the outskirts of Bergamo, offers excursions available to everyone, thanks to the ease with which it is accessible from the city.
Experience now Valle Vertova Experience now Valle Vertova Experience now Valle Vertova Valle Vertova:
the place where you can spend a day surrounded by nature
Known as one of the most beautiful oasis surrounded by the nature in Lombardy,
Valle Vertova, located on the outskirts of Bergamo, offers excursions
available to everyone, thanks to the ease with which it is accessible from the city.


Valle Vertova is a unique natural oasis, is important to safeguard it. We ask you to respect it following some easy rules that will guide you during this adventure.

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The entrance for Valle Vertova, from June to September, is allowed only buying a ticket, select now the pass from those available.

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Near Valle Vertova a world of adventures and activities are waiting for you: paths with different degrees of difficulty, art, culture and events.

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Explore the natural oasis of Val Seriana

Green paths, luxuriant vegetation, waterfalls with incredible colors and cliffs: this is the perfect place for spending a day in the spirit of adventure and relax with family, friends or even alone.

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"Le Maldive di Bergamo"

Valle Vertova offers a lot of occasions available to everyone. Choose to spend a day in the spirit of relaxation and unspoilt nature or dedicate yourself to activities like trekking and bike, forgetting for a while the stress of everyday life.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Valle Vertova and all its paths can be visited 365 days a year. From 1 June to 15 September, from 08:00am to 05:00pm, and in order to ensure the safety of tourists and preserve the natural environment, assess is restricted to 1400 people and the purchase of the ticket is required for visiting the valley.
From 1 June to 15 September the access is allowed to a maximum of 1400 people. During that period is required to buy the ticket and book you own pedestrian access specifying the date of the visit. During this period you can monitor the availability of access for each day by clicking here.
In order to preserve correctly the surrounding environment and guarantee safety for all tourists, it was decided to limit access for the summer period. From 1 June to 15 September, it is therefore necessary to purchase and book the pedestrian entrance ticket that can be purchased in the appropriate area. For the remaining periods of the year access is free. There are two access points controlled by staff appointed by the Municipality of Vertova:
  1. in Cinque Martiri street n.63, from Monday to Saturday;
  2. in Cinque Martiri street n.26, On Sunday.
The tariff varies according to the type of pass selected. You can compare prices on the following page.
You can buy the entrance ticket directly on this website at this link or at the parking lot (Largo Vittorio Veneto, Vertova -BG-) where it was placed a dedicated dispenser. Be careful though, the dispenser is programmed to release a limited number of daily accesses. Once this limit is reached, it will no longer be possible to buy the ticket for access to Valle Vertova. For this reason, especially for visits on summer weekends, it is advisable to reserve your access ticket in advance via the website. You will be sure to visit Valle Vertova in total serenity.
Yes, it is possible to postpone the date of purchase until 48h before the day initially booked. The rescheduling can be done only one time and in the same season. To postpone the date of the visit simply access your reserved area of the website, entering the credentials received at the time of purchase of the ticket and choose the new date. Attention: the operation of rescheduling the visit is only allowed for those who at the time of purchase of the ticket chose to register their account. If you have chosen to purchase the ticket in guest mode you will not be able to make the date change.
Purchasing the ticket the tourist acquired the right of pedestrian access to the path of visit to the valley.
The path is not difficult, but it is still similar to a mountain track. Suitable footwear (trekking or gymnastics shoes) and sportswear are therefore recommended.
Yes, you can dive into its waters. It is however forbidden to dive into the pools, as it is very risky considering the conformation of the Valley.
Yes, you can find chemical baths at the beginning of the path and on the route that leads to the entrance of the Valley.

Trust who’s been
in Valle Vertova before

“Beautiful place, unpolluted and full of greenery. People that you meet there are friendly. It’s an artistic place especially for those who love taking pictures. Water is crystal clear and going up the stream isn’t too difficult because it isn’t too much uphill. I recommend going there on sunny days, an excellent way to spend a beautiful day, also in group.”

Mirko Greenweels

“Beautiful walk suitable for all, simple path surrounded by nature. If you want to do an excursion appropriate for more experienced, along the path starts various trails more or less demanding. I recommend technical shoes and, eventually, also the use of mountain poles”

Franci de Luca

“Very relaxing place suitable for all, not very difficult and with crystal clear water.”

Constantin Torcenschi

“The most beautiful nature a few minutes from the city. You’d like to go further and further, going up the stream, its rapids and its banks with the mountain dominating everything. The walk isn’t difficult. “

Francesco Buccisano

“Surrounded by nature… with a 6 years old child (so suitable also for their) … it’s enough to look at the pictures to want to go straight back to Valle Vertova.”

Kates Me

“Beautiful walk in nature with a wonderful wide path that crosses and runs along the stream! We also did the alternative path that is for more experienced and equipped people. It’s a little and rocky path. I’ll surely come back!”

Pietro Vignoni

“Lovely walk surrounded by nature suitable also for kids. The small waterfalls and natural pools are transparent and appropriate also for getting in. Water is quite cold, but colors invite you to dive.”

Cecilia G.

“A lot of greenery and crystal clear water, beautiful place, the king of walks and for staying in serenity.”

Ink Davide

“Always beautiful. In Spring and Autumn, you can arrive by car until the park where the sight starts. At the end of the walk start the more difficult paths for Mount Suchello and bivouac Testa, whereas in the middle of the path there is the variant for Bliben pass 529.”

Enea Meni

“Beautiful place, transparent water and the path isn’t difficult, suitable also for kids.”

Eleonora Ricci

“Enchanted place! Valle Vertova is surrounded by waterfalls, rocks and trees. The path is easy and well preserved, in some segments on pass through waterfalls thanks to some artificial steps. In conclusion…space to nature and relaxation!”

Laura Spagnulo

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